Bhaktapur Nepal – A Hidden Gem Worth Visiting

Bhaktapur hidden gem in Nepal

Bhaktapur – A Hidden Gem worth visiting Bhaktapur is one of the cities in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. It lies approximately 13km from Kathmandu and is considered to be one of the three cities of royal status within the valley. Bhaktapur is renowned for its well-preserved historic and cultural treasures, which makes it a … Read more

Hiking in Kathmandu: Top 9 Short Hikes Nearby

Hiking near Kathmandu

Short Hiking near Kathmandu, A terrific way to celebrate the holidays is by Hiking. You might not have many possibilities for hill hiking if you reside in a big metropolis anywhere in the world. The busiest city in the nation, Kathmandu, is located adjacent to a number of short hiking routes. Nepal is a breathtaking … Read more

Ghale Gaun Homestay Trekking Package Cost

Ghale Gaun Trek

Ghale Gaun Homestay Trek in Nepal. The beautiful, unspoiled village of Ghale Gaun is home to the renowned Gurungs, the fabled mid-hill inhabitants of western Nepal. It has a majestic beauty to the landscape that is unmatched. Guardian of a unique ethnic culture Ghele Gaun is a true microcosm because of its breathtaking natural beauty and … Read more

Best Homestay in Nepal

Best Homestay in Nepal

Best Homestay in Nepal, Homestay is a well-liked method for tourists to interact with Nepalese residents and learn what it’s like to live among them. In Nepali, “Gharbas” is the word for “homestay,” which also implies residing in a home. A homestay is implied by the phrase “home away from home.” Because you may interact … Read more

 10 Top Reasons to Trek to Everest Base Camp Trek

trekking route that exhibits four Himalayas above 8000 m

10 top reasons to trek to Everest Base Camp Trek, Mount Everest Base Camp is one of Nepal’s most popular hiking routes. During your voyage, you will be astounded by the breathtakingly magnificent landscape, varied terrain, and cultural diversity. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, two renowned mountaineers, walked the Everest Base Camp trekking … Read more

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Chitwan, Nepal

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Chitwan, Nepal

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Chitwan, Nepal. In English, Chitwan means “jungle heart.” Chitrasen, the Tharu King who ruled here previously, is commemorated in the famed Inner Terai valley. Chitwan is located in Bagmati Province’s southwest section, between the Himalayan foothills and the Mahabharat and Siwalik ranges. Chitra Ban was once a majestic … Read more

Best Places to Visit Bandipur

Best Places to Visit Bandipur

Best Places to Visit Bandipur of Nepal, In Nepal’s Tanahun District, Bandipur is a hilltop town and municipality. It lies 80 kilometers east of Pokhara and 143 kilometers west of Kathmandu. It’s a trading route linking India and Tibet. It is recognized for its Newari culture and inhabitants. There are now 10,000 native Newars living … Read more

Sukute Beach Resort

If you’re looking for a great night out near the capital, head to Sukute Beach Resort. It’s a great place to spend a Saturday night out in Kathmandu. Sukute Beach in Bhotekoshi is known for its excellent adventure packages and riverbank fun. Early spring and late fall are the finest times to explore Nepal’s Sukute … Read more

White Water Rafting in Nepal

White Water Rafting in Nepal

10 Best White Water Rafting in Nepal, To put it bluntly, Nepal’s raging rivers, which originate from Himalayan glaciers, are unparalleled anyplace in the world. Nepal is home to the Himalayan Mountains, whose beautiful peaks feed rivers that flow down through the foothills to the Ganges Great Plains, nurtured by monsoon rainfall and melting snow. … Read more

15 Best National Parks in Nepal

Best National Parks in Nepal

Annapurna National Park Top 15 Best National Parks in Nepal, The Annapurna National Park was established in 1992. It is Nepal’s largest national park, covering an area of ​​7629 square miles [7629 sq km]. The protected area includes the Annapurna Himalayan range and the world’s deepest river valley, Kali Gandaki. To the north, it is … Read more