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The Kushma Bungee Jump is the highest Bungee jump in Asia and the second highest Bungee jump in the world. It lies in the Parbat district of Nepal and offers a wide variety of wonderful adventures. The spot of Bungee Jumping in Kushma is positioned in a 520 m long suspension bridge that connects two districts (Parvat and Baglung) of Nepal.

It connects Kushma of Parvat and Balewa of Baglung district. The destination is one of the great destinations for adventure lovers. This Bungee Jump leads to the deepest George in the world, Kali Gandaki.

Height of Kushma Bungee 

You experience a free fall from the height of 228 m in Kushma.

Highlights of Kushma Bungee Jump Tour 

  • Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge of the World
  • Second Highest Bungee Jump of the world (228 m)
  • World’s highest swing (228) meters
  • World’s highest and longest Sky Cycle
  • Gaint Ping
  • Canyon Swing
  • Tandem Swing
  • Spectacular views of mountains and hills
  • Vibrant culture and traditions

How far is Kushma from Kathmandu

The Bungee site of Kushma lies in the Parbat district of Nepal. It is around 262 kilometers from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. The distance from Kathmandu to Pokhara is 200 kilometers, and the distance from Pokhara to Kushma is 62 meters.

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Kushma Bungee Jump Tour Itinerary 

Day 01: Drive to Pokhara from Kathmandu 

On the first day of our Kushma Bungee jump tour, we will drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara. We depart from Kathmandu at around 6 am in the morning and reach Pokhara at around 2 pm.

After reaching Pokhara, we roam in the lakeside and enjoy the beauty of Phewa Lake in the lakeside. Then, in the evening, we have our dinner at the lakeside and stay at a hotel overnight.

Day 02: Drive to Kushma Bungee Spot from Pokhara

Then, on the second day, we wake up early in the morning and have our breakfast. After we are done with breakfast, we drive to Kushma for Bungee. After a few hours of drive to Kushma, you can experience Bungee in the Bungee spot.

We return to Pokhara on the same day after Bungee. However, you can also stay at The Cliff Resort in Kushma. If you stay overnight, we will be returning to Pokhara on the next day. Staying overnight can give you a clear view of Kushma and Baglung.

Day 03: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu 

After the second day, we drive back to Kathmandu from Pokhara in the morning.

Things to be noted before Bungee/Swing in Kushma

  • The weight has to be a minimum of 38 kgs and a maximum of 98 kgs for Bungee.
  • The weight has to be a minimum of 38 Kgs and a maximum of 128 kgs for Bungee
  • Glasses are not allowed during Bungee
  • Sport shoes with lace are required for Bungee

People with such medical conditions should not practice Bungee or Swing

  • Recent Surgery
  • Asthma / Heart Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • Back Problem
  • Neurological Disorder
  • High/Low Blood Pressure


Pricing Details

S.N. Activity Price Remark
1 Bungee Only NPR (Rs) 7000 Extra Rs 1500 for Photo, Video, T-Shirt
2 Swing Only NPR (Rs) 7000 Extra Rs 1500 for Photo, Video, T-Shirt
3 Second Jump NPR (Rs) 3500 Extra Rs 1200 for Photo, Video, T-Shirt
4 Third Jump NPR (Rs) 2500 Extra Rs 500 for Photo, Video, no T-Shirt
5 Fourth Jump Free to same jumper Extra Rs 500 for Photo, Video, no T-Shirt
6 Tandem Swing NPR (Rs) 12000 Extra Rs 2000 for Photo, Video, 2 T-Shirt

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