Best Places to Visit Bandipur

Best Places to Visit Bandipur of Nepal, In Nepal’s Tanahun District, Bandipur is a hilltop town and municipality. It lies 80 kilometers east of Pokhara and 143 kilometers west of Kathmandu. It’s a trading route linking India and Tibet.

It is recognized for its Newari culture and inhabitants. There are now 10,000 native Newars living there. It is one of Nepal’s most popular tourist destinations.

The Bhaktapur Newars first arrived in Bandipur in the nineteenth century. Before that, it was predominantly populated by Magars.

Bandipur is a charming Newari village where time seems to have stopped. There will be no mass tourism here, and no aggressive sales people will bother you.

The 18th-century dwellings have been well conserved, and the village is peaceful and quiet due to the prohibition of motorized vehicles.

Brown shutters juxtapose with white, orange, or red plaster, and statues adorn many balconies. The Himalayas offer a spectacular view on a clear day.

Bandipur was formerly a key crossroads for trade between India and Tibet. The village is modest, with many flowers, trees, and attractive lampposts.

This place has a striking resemblance to Hanoi, Vietnam. There are also some beautiful old-style structures to be found there. Bandipur, on the other hand, is much less touristy than Hanoi.

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Best Places to Visit Bandipur of Nepal:

Bandipur in Nepal

Khadga Devi Temple

Khadga Devi Temple in Bandipur is a historic site, especially for the Newar Shrestha. This shrine houses a sword that belonged to King Mukunda Sen in the 16th century.

The king is claimed to have received the sword from Lord Shiva. In Sanskrit, Khadga Devi means “sword goddess,” and the temple emphasizes female power.

The temple is located at a high elevation, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains as well as the charming Bandipur village. This temple only opens its doors on Dashain’s Fulpati festival day.

Padma Library

In the heart of Bandipur Bazaar sits the Padma Library. It exemplifies Bandipur’s power during the Rana period. The library houses books from Rana’s reign. The architecture and design are well-known.

Bindabasini Temple

It’s in the northern part of Bandipur Bazaar. The major attraction of the temple is its walls, which are covered with legendary texts and wonderful architectural styles.

It is built in the style of a pagoda. They put an image of the goddess Bindabasini in a chariot and pull it during the New Year’s festival.

Thani Mai Temple

Thani Mai Temple, situated on a mountaintop in Bandipur, is a well-known religious monument. This is also an excellent location for seeing the sunrise or sunset. It offers guests a spectacular view of the mountains and the town below.

Bandipur, which is surrounded by many mountain ranges, views, and beautiful valleys, offers a diverse choice of activities. Trekking, hiking, and other outdoor activities are available.

Bandipur’s varied viewpoints lure visitors with spectacular Himalayan views and panoramic views of the city from high altitudes.


Tundikhel is a large field north of Bandipur Bazaar. Gorkha army parades and commerce were previously popular in this neighborhood.

However, it is now a vantage point from where we can see the Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Machhapuchhare, Ganesh Himal, and Langtang ranges, as well as the surrounding mountain ranges. Sunrise and sunset views are also popular at this site.

Silkworm Farm

A silk production plant is located on the silkworm farm and exhibits the detailed process of producing silk from the silkworm. Mulberry plants are grown in abundance on the farm and are used to feed the silkworms.

Mahalaxmi Temple

On the southeast side of Bandipur Bazaar’s main thoroughfare, the Mahalaxmi Temple may be found. During the medieval period, a pagoda-style temple was built.

The temple reflects Bhimsen’s unique artwork as well as other animals. The original statue of the temple was taken away, and a new statue now stands in its stead.

Siddha Cave:

Nepal’s largest cave is Siddha Cave. The cave reaches a height of 50 meters and a depth of 437 meters. Among visitors, the Siddha Cave is well-known as a trekking trail.

A Shiva Linga, a Lord Ganesh face sculpture, and a swimming pool may all be found inside the cave.


You can spice up your trip by sampling the local cuisine in addition to seeing these landmarks. The Newari set will make your mouth water simply by looking at it.

The set includes beans, beaten rice, and buff beef. You’ll be introduced to new flavors like Samya Baji, Choila (roasted buff meat), Kachina (raw marinated buff meat), and Tho during your stay (rice beer).

People Also Ask Best Places to Visit Bandipur

Is Bandipur Nepal worth visiting?

Yes, Bandipur Nepal is definitely worth visiting.

Why do tourists visit Bandipur?

Tourists, visit Bandipur to take a dip into the serene beauty of this place and to take a look at the cultural diversity here.

Why is Bandipur beautiful?

Because of immense natural beauty and cultural heritages, Bandipur is beautiful

Is Bandipur a hill station?

Yes, Bandipur is a hill station.

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