Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Chitwan, Nepal

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Chitwan, Nepal. In English, Chitwan means “jungle heart.” Chitrasen, the Tharu King who ruled here previously, is commemorated in the famed Inner Terai valley.

Chitwan is located in Bagmati Province’s southwest section, between the Himalayan foothills and the Mahabharat and Siwalik ranges.

Chitra Ban was once a majestic forest teeming with wild animals, frequented by lone sages meditating deep in the woods.

List of Best Places to Visit in Chitwan, Nepal

Chitwan National Park

The first national park in the country was Chitwan national park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a major tourist destination in Chitwan.

Among the wild animals and species that make this national park home are Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinoceros, and Asiatic elephants.

This national park offers elephant back safaris, Jeep safaris, nature hikes, and bird watching. Chitwan National Park is located in the Terai region of Nepal.

Chitwan National Park Nepal

Visitors will also get the opportunity to learn about Tharu culture and way of life. Students frequently use this park for educational purposes.

The majority of the world’s endangered wild animals and birds can be found there. This amazing spot must be visited at least once by everybody who enjoys nature.

Jalbire Waterfall(Lamo Jharana)

The best Places to Visit in Chitwan is Jalbire Waterfall, the waterfall is one of Nepal’s longest waterfalls (about 60 meters). It is well-known as a spectacular and lovely tourist destination.

During the summer, this location attracts a larger number of people. On hot summer days, locals and visitors alike enjoy swimming and bathing in this refreshing and powerful waterfall.

Jalbire WaterfallThe attractiveness of the season is enhanced by the gorgeous green hills, panoramic views of mountains, and stones where fall strikes.

This lovely waterfall is a location where anyone can get lost. If you’re planning a holiday in Chitwan, don’t miss the Jalbire waterfall.


In Nepal, Devghat is a sacred site. Hindus can meditate and worship God in a variety of temples and tunnels. Each one has historical, cultural, and religious significance.

Devghat Chitwan

It’s close to where the Seti and Krishna Gandaki rivers meet. The geological and ecological characteristics of Devghat add to its allure. If you want to grasp the true gravity of the situation, come here at least once.

Bishazari Tal

In Chitwan, Bishazari Tal (Bishazari Lake) is a well-known tourist attraction. The country’s inner Terai, it’s a protected area with a mind-blowing lake.

A variety of birds and aquatic species, including crocodiles and rhinoceros, call this lake home. A lush green forest surrounds the lake, offering guests the opportunity to go on a jungle safari.

Bishazari Tal

The calmest spot is Bishazari Lake. The jungle expedition’s enthusiasm is heightened by the enormous chirping of birds and animal sounds.

Pokhara Chitwan and Lumbini Tour

Chitwan Tharu Village

Chitwan Tharu Village is a popular tourist destination in Chitwan, with thousands of visitors every year. We can watch their language, way of life, culture, festival, customs, and marriage ceremony up close during the Tharu village visit.

The entire village is made up of traditional dwellings. Agriculture is their primary occupation, and they are also in intimate contact with nature and domestic animals.

Chitwan Tharu Village

The tour guide can also be found here. The equipment and traditional clothing used by Tharu people in their daily activities are housed in a tiny museum in the Tharu village.

Sauraha Art Gallery

The Sauraha Art Gallery is worth a visit if you appreciate art. We will find dedicated working artists among the huge array of traditional and creative arts.

Art is a way of expressing pleasant feelings and ideas. The artwork will only be complete after the creator has infused the emotions into it.

Sauraha Art Gallery chitwan

This art collection has beautiful paintings of landscapes, wild animals, and villages. Sauraha Art Gallery is the place to go if you’re seeking a painting.

Elephant Breeding Center

Chitwan’s most prominent tourist attraction is the Elephant Breeding Center, which protects around 20 elephants. It’s a fantastic tool for learning about elephants and their habits.

Breastfeeding, eating, and going about their daily activities will be visible to the small elephants. There, we’ll be up close and personal with elephants.

Elephant Breeding Center

There is also a small museum at the elephant breeding center. A few elephant bones, posters, and riding equipment are on display in the museum.


Ranipokhari is a freshwater lake with a green rim that attracts a variety of aquatic birds. Another popular pastime on this lake is boating. A lovely lake is encircled by lovely statues, including one of Buddha.

Ranipokhari chitwan

There is a well-known picnic area there. Ranipokhari is a Chitwan resident who lives in Saradanagar. It is Chitwan’s newest tourist destination, and its popularity is rapidly expanding.

Shiraichuli Hill

Local and international tourists go to Siraichuli Hill as a final destination for trekking because it is the highest peak in the Chitwan district.

The beautiful sunrise and sunset views from Kaule village’s Siraichuli Hill complement the magnificent Himalayan peaks of Gaurishankhar, Dhaulagiri, Langtang, Rolwaling, and Manaslu. The Siraichuli walking trail features lush, verdant hills that are covered in Rhododendrons during certain seasons, energizing walkers to reach the summit. Siraichuli Hill is a hill that rises to a height of 1945 meters above sea level.

Siraichuli Hill

You can start your journey in Chitwan from either the Hugdi (midway between Mugling and Krishna Veer) or Shaktikhor. You will have an endless amount of time to spend with numerous ethnic groups of people, particularly the Chepang community, on this trekking journey, in addition to the alluring hills and Himalayas and natural beauty.

The Spiny Babbler can also be observed on occasion. The Siraichuli Hill walking trail in Chitwan is home to a rich diversity of vegetation and species.

CG Temple Shashwat Dham

It’s tough to locate a place to rest and breathe fresh air in the tranquil country of Chitwan when you live in a hectic metropolis like Chitwan. As a result, a location like Chaudhary Shaswatdham (or simply CG Temple) is a gift in itself.

This temple-like place in Dhamkaul, Nawalparasi, is open for relaxation and religious purposes. Here’s all you need to know about taking the bus to CG Temple, as well as what to see in CG Shaswat Dham and how much a ticket to CG Temple costs.

Shaswatdham is 25 kilometers west of Chitwan’s city center, on the Mahendra Highway. Take a bus to CG from Pokhara Buspark. The Chaudhary Foundation Nepal constructed the property, which spans seven bighas of land, as a tourist destination for Nepalese and international visitors.

CG Temple Shashwat Dham


The Chaudhary Foundation, Nepal’s largest corporate empire, is owned by Binod Chaudhary, Nepal’s richest man. The primary aspects of CG Shaswat Dham are a gurukul, yoga sessions, a religious museum, a digital religious library, and a Shiva temple with the special feature of vegetarian food.

In reality, the Dham would become a source of pride for both Nawalparasi and the rest of the country. The temple was constructed by the Shaswat Dham.

On all sides, lakes surround the Dham, affording a breathtaking view of the temple, especially at night. The many-colored lights brighten and beautify the main temple to the point where they almost outshine the full moon sky.

Using the lightning temple, the eyes can conjure demonic storms. Drinking cold water from a regular faucet is like to inhaling a natural pain reliever for your heart that is moving. On the dam’s grounds, an organic vegetarian food house has been established to cater to all vegetarians.

FAQ’s Best Places to Visit in Chitwan, Nepal

What is the famous thing of Chitwan?

Chitwan national park is probably the most famous place in Chitwan.

Which is the best time to visit Chitwan?

Mid Autumn is always the best time to visit Chitwan as in summer it can be very damp and rain will affect the place very much.

Why do people visit Chitwan?

People visit Chitwan to see the biodiversity and take a very good glace at it while learning about it.

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