10 Best Places to Visit in Ilam

10 Best Places to Visit in Ilam, Ilam is a hill district in the eastern development zone of Nepal. The tea gardens are the most famous feature of the hill station, which is one of Nepal’s most populous districts.

The area attracts visitors due to its natural beauty and wildlife. Ilam is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Nepal’s eastern region.

It is located between the Himalayan peaks and attracts a huge number of people with its broad selection of summer attractions.

Enjoy a brisk walk through a tea garden, a tranquil picnic, sightseeing stops, short hikes in the nearby woods, or exploring Ilam’s lush nature.

Ilam is known for its tea and is a wonderful place to escape the city. It’s a tea-growing region with a hill town adjacent to a plantation that offers breathtaking views of slope tea gardens, mountain streams, lush natural forests, holy sites, and a distinct culture.

You can go on day outings or longer adventures from Ilam Bazaar. There are many hotels in town, as well as a few resorts in the neighboring tea gardens.

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Kanyam and Fikkal

Kanyam is the Best Places to Visit in Ilam, In eastern Nepal, Kanyam Ilam is a well-known tourist site. Nepalese are familiar with Kanyam Ilam’s tea garden. Every year, tourists from all across Nepal flock to this site.

Kanyam is in Nepal’s Illam district, in the Suryodaya Municipality. Kanyam Ilam is also a favorite picnic destination for locals.

You can enjoy a great view of the tea garden from the lookout tower. Ilam is a popular destination for Nepalese college students during the festival season, especially in October and November.

Kanyam Ilam

Foggy weather improves the voyage experience for persons traveling from hot areas. Kanyam Ilam is visited by almost everyone who visits Darjeeling.

Fikal Ilam, often spelled Fikkal Ilam, is a small hill market on the outskirts of the city. It’s on the way from Ilam to Jhapa, or if you’re passing via Pashupatinagar on your way to India.

It’s a small, traditional market with a few small stands offering veggies, food, and apparel. Fikal bazar attracts local people who come to sell and buy goods.

Mai Pokhari

Mai Pokhari is the Best Places to Visit in Ilam, In Nepal’s Ilam district, Mai Pokhari is a renowned tourist destination. For Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims, it is a sacred spot. 13 kilometers north of the district capital is Mai Pokhari, commonly known as an Ilam wetland.

On October 28, 2008, this Mai Pokhari was designated as a Ramsar site. The Mai Pokhari is surrounded by the Mai Pokhari Botanical Garden.

The garden contains an orchid house, rock garden buildings, plant species, and a greenhouse. You can go out on the lake in a new boat and then relax in the garden with the plants and herbs.

Mai Pokhari in Nepal

The Mai Pokhari is found in the middle hill ranges of Mahabharat and Shinghalila. It has an average area of 90 hectares and is situated at a height of around 2100 meters.

Mai Pokhari is referred to be a wetland since it supplies fresh water to the residents via natural springs and precipitation. A wide range of vegetation and animals make their home in the lake.

Antu Danda

Antu Danda is the Best Places to Visit in Ilam, A cultural and scenic journey unlike any other Antu Danda Ilam tea garden tour in Nepal’s far east, beneath the shadow of Mt. Kanchenjunga (8586m/28169ft.), the world’s third highest peak.

With elevations ranging from 140m to 3,636m above sea level, Ilam is a small hill town with ideal sceneries of terraced tea gardens, mountain streams, lush natural forests, holy sites, and a unique culture.

Ilam is a small hill town known for its tea production, with ideal scenery of terraced tea plantations, mountain streams, lush natural woods, holy sites, and a distinct culture.

shree antu Ilam

Antu Danda Ilam tea garden tour is one of Nepal’s wealthiest districts in terms of cultural diversity, natural beauty, and a booming cash crop economy. It is also well-known as a botanical and anthropological study center.

Brahmins and Chettries, as well as Kirat Rai-and Limbu, Tamang-Gurung, and Magar people, are the most common ethnic groups in the area.

Antu Danda/Shree Antu, at 2,328 meters, offers spectacular views of the dawn and sunset over the eastern Himalayas.

Home-stay possibilities are also available in Shree Antu, which is roughly a three-hour drive from Ilam Bazaar. Maipokhari, too, is a highlight of this journey.

At 2,121m, Maipokhari, a pristine lake surrounded by dense forest of fir, juniper, birch, pine, and a diversity of flora and fauna, is considered Goddess Bhagawati’s sacred abode.

After a magnificent excursion to far eastern Nepal, including memorable moments around Antu Danda and an Ilam Tea-Garden tour, return to Kathmandu by scenic aircraft.


Sandakpur is the Best Places to Visit in Ilam, Sandakpur is the most picturesque highest point of the Singalia Ridge, located in Darjeeling district on the West Bengal-Nepal border. It is the highest peak in the Indian state of West Bengal, at 3665 meters (11930 feet).

It’s located near Singalila National Park (India side). Mount Everest, Kanchanjungha, Lhotse, and Makalu, four of the world’s five highest peaks, can all be viewed from the top.

Sandakpur ilam

It also has a magnificent view of the Kanchanjungha Range.The significance of this location is that we can see three different countries at once. India, Bhutan, and Nepal are all included.

The Sandakpur trek is more popular in India than in Nepal. Later on, it was able to draw Neplease as well as other foreigners.

Siddhi Thumka

After a 3-hour ride from Ilam market, you will be able to photograph the breathtaking view of Sunset and Sunrise at Sidhi Thumka in Ilam.

Siddhi Thumka Ilam

This is one of the shortest hills to visit from Ilam Bazaar for views of the alluring Mahabharat range, flat green meadows, Sunset, and Sunrise. Sidhi Thumka sits at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level.


Chhintapu is the second highest peak in Ilam, standing at 3,400 meters above sea level. After three hours of hiking, you can reach it.

Chhintapu is the second highest peak in Ilam, standing at 3,400 meters above sea level. After three hours of hiking, you can reach it. Chintapu rewards visitors with breathtaking views of the beautiful Himalayan range.

Mt. Kanchunjunga, Mt. Kumbhakarna, Mt. Everest, and other Himalayan ranges in Bhutan, India, and Nepal provide breathtaking views.

Chhintapu ilam

Travelers can also see Sikkim, Darjeeling, Ilam, Terai’s flat plain, Ilam bazzar, Panchthar, and the hills stretching towards Taplejung, as well as barren settlements on the far slopes.

This area is home to about eleven different species of rhododendron, unique flora, and rare creatures like the musk deer and red panda.


Pathivara Temple is the Best Places to Visit in Ilam, Pathivara Devi temple (3794m) is a well-known pilgrimage site where worshipers are reported to be granted their wishes. Pathivara’s animist god is revered equally by Hindus and Buddhists.

Pathivara’s Goddess is claimed to grant her followers’ long-awaited requests, such as sons for those without children and money for the poor.

One of the “Shakti peeths,” Pathivara Devi is revered.On certain occasions, worshippers travel from all around Nepal and India to the temple, believing that a visit will grant all of their wishes.

Members of the Nepalese royal family are among Pathibhara’s supporters. Pathibhara Devi receives gold and silver as offerings when animals are slaughtered.

Pathivara Ilam

In the autumn and spring of each year, pilgrims can also visit the Kanchanjungha range, the Sawa Pokhari waterfall, and the Timbuk pond.

The dense woodland eco-system of the route is home to a diverse range of wildlife, birds, flowers, and butterflies. The majority of the Kanchenjunga range may be seen from here.

Pathibhara may be accessed by trekking from Phungling Bazaar to Suketar (2840m), which takes around 2 hours. Pathibhara Devi is about 8-10 hours away from Suketar.


Gajurmukhi Temple, also known as Devisthan, is a well-known religious landmark in Nepal’s Eastern Region, located on the Deumai River’s riverbed west of Illam market.

It stands 500 meters above the sea level. Devisthan can be accessed by renting a car or riding a motorcycle from Birtamode to Illam market, then walking from Ghangre Bhanjyang to Ghoseni.

A new 15-20-kilometer path from Manglabare’s south has just been built to get here. It is believed that those who pray at the Gajurmukhi Devisthan will be blessed with a child if they are childless, that those who are unable to speak will be given a voice, and that other marvels will occur.

Gajurmukhi Temple ilam

The Deumai River contributes to the peacefulness of the location, and the Gajurmukhi Temple is a work of art in and of itself. This area also has a cave that is about 10 feet high and 20 feet long.

This region also has a Shivalaya Temple devoted to Lord Shiva, which attracts many visitors from India. The Limbu community’s culture and customs have been preserved in this location, which is rich in Limbu culture.

A huge fair is conducted here on the full moon day of Kartik, or Kartik Purnima. Guests and devotees have access to a number of housing alternatives (such as hotels and homestays).

The site’s main attraction is supposed to be the medieval cave where the missing guy was discovered after regaining his voice using the stone’s mysterious abilities.

This site is currently known as one of Eastern Nepal’s most beautiful hiking trails, requiring about four hours to complete. The trail’s whole experience is enhanced by the eye-pleasing vistas and lush high hills visible throughout.

This place has recently been commercialized in order to promote it as a prominent tourist attraction with its own religious significance, through little but standard tea shops, pleasant lodging services, and a showcase of secularism and friendliness.

Mai Beni

Lake (Mai Pokhari) is 1 kilometer in diameter and surrounded by a gorgeous Maipokhari Botanical Garden with a rock garden, an orchid house, a greenhouse, and flora acquired from various parts of eastern Nepal.

This spot is also known for its lush vegetation, making it perfect for boating and fishing. This lake is a spiritual site for locals and a Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage hub.

There are also boats there.In 2008, Mai Pokhari, a renowned wetland in Nepal’s Illam district, was classified as a Ramsar reserve.

The wetland is 90 hectares in size and is located at an elevation of 2,100 meters in the Himalayan middle hill ranges. This wetland is thought to have formed as a result of earth subsidence, and it gets its water from natural springs and rainfall.

Mai Beni ilam

Among the flora and fauna present in Mai Pokhari are orchids, porcupines, and other species such as white-rumped vultures, leopard cats, goldfish, and water lilies.

This location, in addition to the lake and its historical significance, provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. Despite this, the Lake is divided into nine sections, each of which is dedicated to a different God.

There are numerous interesting spots to explore in and around this region, including Hyatung Falls (Nepal’s highest waterfall), Kanchendzonga National Park, Goecha La (in Sikkim), and many others, each with its own meaning and purpose.

Seti Devi Temple

Seti Devi shrine is located west of Ilam market on the banks of the Puwa Khola. It’s also a major Hindu religious and spiritual destination in Ilam District.

It’s dedicated to Parvati’s wise goddess, Setidevi. According to legend, a shepherd noticed his cow nursing a large boulder that turned out to be goddess Parvati.

Shree Seti Devi Temple ilam

Setidevi Temple, built in the Shikhara architecture, is surrounded by a dancing forest and is a haven of peace, quiet, and natural beauty.

Many devotees used to come to this temple during the significant festival of Dashain. Ilam market is only 30 minutes distant, across terraced rice fields and bamboo forests.

 FAQ’s Best Places to Visit in llam

 What are the top attractions to visit in Ilam?

The top attractions to visit ilam is the greenery of the tea fields and cultural diversity.

What are the major places in Ilam for people to visit?

You’ll pass via Kanyam and Fikkal, two tourist attractions, on your way to Ilam Bazaar. Kanyam is famed for its vast tea plantations, which have made Ilam famous for over a century.

At these tea gardens, picnics, sightseeing, and photography are all popular pastimes. Fikkal, a business center on the Mechi Highway in eastern Ilam, is comparable.

Pashupati Nagar, India’s eastern border city, is near to Darjeeling, and it’s also the beginning place for Pashupati Nagar.

What is Ilam district famous for?

Ilam is famous for it’s greenery and tea fields with Scenic beauty.

Why should people visit Ilam?

For any sort of trip,family or with friends ilam should be a perfect destination cause it has got the best scenery that’ll be captured in your eyes forever

Why is Ilam beautiful?

Ilam is beautiful because of the greenery that lies the culture.

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