Cheap International Flight Ticket From Nepal 2021

Cheap International Flight Tickets and Booking in Nepal 2021

Looking for Cheap International Flight Ticket from Nepal?. Look no further we offer you the best deals available. Kathmandu Airport Travel and Tour offers the cheapest price in the whole town. We welcome you with our open heart for booking any flight ticket and you will definitely be amazed with the price we offer.

More then 20 International Airlines are operation international flight ticket from Nepal Tribhuvan International Airport  for Direct various sector like Delhi, Mumbai, Doha, Dubai, Abu Dubai, Sarjha , Kula Lampur, Muscut , Bangkot, Bangladesh, Australia, Hong Kong, Dhaka , Singapore, Karachi, USA, Canada, Europe and many all other International Destination to Nepal.

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International Flight Ticketing

International Flights FAQs

Q. What comprises the fleet of international flights?

Flying international requires larger aircraft as compared to small domestic carriers. Some of the most famous planes used by airline operators worldwide for international flights include names such as Boeing 777, Boeing 787, Airbus 380, Boeing 707, Boeing 727, Boeing 767 and Boeing 757.
Boeing and Airbus are the leading fleets used by most airlines for international or long haul flight journeys as these are large aircraft and come with flight control systems, rare passenger fatality records, a maximum number of passenger seats among other feature.

What is the difference between transit and stopover on international flights?

In aviation terms, a stopover is a stop you make at one or more cities during your flight journey where you have to change your aircraft.
Usually, the duration of a stopover is 48 hours and can be more depending on the kind of international flight you have booked.

How much baggage can I carry on my international flight?

Different airline adopts a different policy for a passenger to carry check-in baggage on an international flight. The weight of your free baggage allowance may also depend on where (destination) you are travelling to.
Plus, extra baggage allowance charges may also vary, depending on the airline. If you have any question related to check-in baggage allowance, you can contact the concerned airline or the travel agent that you have booked your plane ticket with.

Should I book a seat for an infant on an international flight?

An infant (child below two years during the journey) does not require a seat to travel. Most international aircrafts come with baby bassinets to fit in specially designed carry-cot for use by a small child or infant.
However, if you want to book a seat for an infant, select child option at the time of flight search online, and the cost of the seat will show up. The ticket cost of an infant differs from a child who is above two years of age.
Double check with your chosen airline for any assistance or clarifications related to baby seats.

What is the check-in time window for international connecting flights?

For international connecting flights, the check-in starts three hours prior to the departure time and close 60 to 75 minutes (depending on the destination you are travelling to) before departure time.
To ensure that you have adequate time, always make your flight booking with a minimum of two hour transit time in between. It is also the responsibility of the passengers to collect their baggage from the arrivals at the transit point.

What are the different travel classes for international flights?

There are usually three different types of travel/booking class on airlines, namely Economy, Business and First class.
However, some airlines offer only Economy and Business Class options, whereas few offer Premium Economy option as well. Moreover, few luxury airlines offer first-class suite travel option.


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