Best Homestay in Nepal

Best Homestay in Nepal, Homestay is a well-liked method for tourists to interact with Nepalese residents and learn what it’s like to live among them. In Nepali, “Gharbas” is the word for “homestay,” which also implies residing in a home. A homestay is implied by the phrase “home away from home.” Because you may interact with them and learn more about their culture, social structure, and way of living there.

For those who are interested in learning more about the ordinary Nepali way of life, we offer homestay tours in Nepal. Because they provide guests with wonderful experiences, homestays in Nepal are lovely. Experiencing the authentic flavor of regional cuisine, the way of life, and the essence of living like a local in the many geographic locations is the best part of staying in local homes.

There are lots of activities you can participate in while staying at the homestay. Homestays are made with the intention of fostering a sense of community.

Kaule Pani Homestay Lamjung

It takes an hour to travel between Besisahar to Kauli Pani. Six hours are required to go from the capital to Besisahar. From Kauli Pani, sometimes referred to as “mirror village,” it is possible to observe the Himalayan peaks of the Annapurna, Macchapuchre, Annapurna South, and other ranges.

Here is the most beautiful homestay location Nepal has to offer. If my memory is correct, it was also named the best guesthouse in Nepal the previous year.

Kaule Pani Homestay

The inside of the village is clean and humming with activity. The homestay in Nepal is extremely well-organized by the hilltop Gurung community.

When you arrive, they welcome you with snacks, a drink from the area, and a cultural performance. For dinner, they serve you rice, dal, meat, pickles, and vegetables. A special “Kodo” breakfast will be served to you.

Ghale Ghau Homestay Nepal

This lovely Ghale Gau Homestay is also a well-known one in Nepal. A Gurung community with a well-preserved ethnic culture resides in this village. They receive visitors at their homes, participate in community festivals, and occasionally plan cultural events. It is currently the key tourist draw in the Lamjung neighborhood.

Ghale Ghau Homestay Nepal

Along with the fantastic vistas of Macchapuchre, Annapurna, and Annapurna South, you might catch a glimpse of the gorgeous sunrise. You can try local dal, rice, chicken, and drinks. You can also research their language and culture. It takes around an hour to drive from Besisahar to Ghale Ghau. Six hours are required to go from the capital to Besisahar.

Ghandruk Homestay

On a familiar note, there is a charming settlement on Kaski’s summit. I won’t say it’s close to Pokhara because the journey from the valley takes around 4 hours. But spending the night in Ghandruk is worthwhile. You can take a private or shared vehicle there. Ghadruk might be the nicest homestay in Nepal.

ghandruk homestay

The restaurant offers wonderful food and space in addition to a wonderful representation of Nepalese culture and heritage. The view of Annapurna and Fishtail is quite amazing, and it is more stunning at sunrise and sunset. There are also two museums in the area that you can visit.

Balthali Village Homestay Panauti

Balthali is 40 kilometers from Kathmandu and is situated right after Panauti. This modest, peaceful village is located at the junction of Lake Khola and Roshi.

Balthali Village is the ideal spot for peace and relaxation. You will be surrounded by the distinctive Nepalese landscape of terraced rice fields and farmhouses with ochre thatches.

Balthali Village Homestay

The Langtang, Dorjee Lhakpa, and other mountain ranges are visible, as are their snow-capped peaks. The backyard is dominated by the lushly green Mahabharat Range.

In this environment, it is great to learn what nature does to your soul. This notable Nepalese homestay is situated close by. The community boasts top-notch management for housing and feeding its tourists.

Machhapuchhre Village Homestay

Near Pokhara Village, there is a charming community called “Ghachowk.” On Mount Machapuchre’s lap, the neighborhood is peacefully dozing off (Fishtail).

Machhapuchhre Village Homestay

The atmosphere is calm and pleasant when compared to the bustle and pollution of the metropolis. Each residence has one or two rooms designated specifically for the visitor’s homestay. The best aspect is the nearby-grown organic food that is served to visitors.

Panauti Homestay

Panauti, which is only 32 kilometers from the capital, is a great place to spend the night. It is really beautiful even though it is possibly the closest to the valley.

Nepal’s distinctive culture is on display in the Panauti Newar community. Depending on your luck, you might even be attending one of their festivals.

Panauti Homestay

For the women of Panauti, developing homestay is a specific area of focus. Each home offers one or two bedrooms, a delicious meal, and a hearty breakfast.

Sirubari Homestay Nepal

The Sirubari village is the perfect place for visitors to have a close-up look at Nepali society. There is an immaculate Gurung village in the Syangja district of Nepal.

We drove a short distance from Pokhara and then went to Sirubari. The hill appears magnificent, and the climate is pleasant all year.

Sirubari Homestay Nepal

The most well-known homestay in Nepal is this one, which is near the capital. The eatery is well known for its inviting hospitality and mouthwatering dishes.

It’s an excellent way to discover Nepali regional culture. The lovely, comfortable homes were built with materials found nearby.

Bhujung Village Homestay

One of the numerous communities with a significant Gurung population is Bhujung Village, which is also a part of Lamjung’s Gurung Cultural Heritage Belt.

The community has a ropeway for transportation, tea plantations, water mills, and micro-hydro power generation from its water resources (Midim Khola).

The Namuna mountain pass is adjacent to the village, and Lamjung Peak is seen up close. From Toche Danda, which serves as an observation point, one can see Mount Lamjung, Pokhara, Sikles, and Taunting Village.

Bhujung Village Homestay

Wild bee honey hunting is a magnificent activity close to the Ghimje, Komodo, and Fhanyu waterfalls. Here, you can find birds of many different sorts. Well-known shrine Ajomo Santaneswor Mahadev is reputed to grant childbearing wishes to childless couples.

It is said that conception will happen if one takes a stone from the temple and spends the night with it. The guard gods, the Yumhapo god, and the goddess Sildo Devi are all revered by the local populace.

The Gurung people still use Phajau as their primary language here. The simplicity of Bhujung can be due to its close-knit row of houses, one ward (the lowest administrative level) covering the entire village, stone-paved roads, the cultivation of the local rice breed, and the creation of electricity. Between Bhujung and Bhujung is a greenway.

People also ask

What is Bhujung famous for?

Bhujung is famous for its cultural heritage and Gurung people residing in the place and its cultural heritage belt.

What is Ghale Gaun famous for?

Ghale Gaun is famous for its cultural heritage along with the panoramic view of Mount Annapurna and Macchapucchre.

How can I go to Ghale Gaun?

Dumre Bazaar is a pit station specifically recognized as a detour from the main road to Bandipur along the Prithvi Highway segment, around 130 kilometers from Kathmandu.

The road to Ghale Gaun, however, lies 42 kilometers north of the highway if you take a different route toward Besisahar.

How many homestays are there in Nepal?

In total, there are 324 homestays in Nepal.

Which is the first homestay in Nepal?

Ghale Gaun and sirubari are the first homestays in Nepal.

Who started homestay in Nepal?

The people of sirubari and Ghalegaun are the ones who initiated the homestays in Nepal after that many homestays were built in Kavrepalanchowk.

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