Dhulikhel Zipline Price 2021

Dhulikhel Zipline Resort . Dhulikhel is a municipality in the Kavrepalanchok district of Nepal that lies in the place where B.P highway and Araniko highway meet each other and are mostly inhabited by the Newar community. It is one of the most well-developed market towns in the hills of Nepal.

The base station of Dhulikhel zipline is located at thakle village of  Dhulikhel. At this beautiful location, an ancient town offers a superman fly zipline experience that makes our day exclusively exciting. With a length of 1.1 km, this Zipline connects two municipalities Dhulikhel and Panchkhal. 

After driving 35 km from Kathmandu we will reach this location which provides tandem and superman zipline facilities. With high speed ranging from 60 to 95 km per hour, it will give you a thrilling experience, adventure, and fun. Even if we are traveling with friends, family including children’s everyone can enjoy this zipline facility safely This Zipline provided a sitting position superman zipline for the first time in Nepal.

It also offers a couple of ziplines where 2 persons can enjoy Zipline together. We can also enjoy lots of lots of flowering and fruit trees which makes our trip more cheerful. It has been receiving a lot of tourists as well as locals of the Kathmandu valley.

Locals call it their weekend plan with friends and partners, along with some fantastic views of the Himalayas and refreshments in Dhulikhel. The criteria for performing Zipline is one should be above 14 years of age. 

Altitude and Best Season

The Dhulikhel Zipline lies at the altitude of 2300 meters from sea level with 2200meter of horizontal distance and 73 meters of vertical drop. The different ways to perform Zipline in Dhulikhel are classic, couple, and superman type.

We can visit this place at every time and season but comparatively, spring is the best season to visit this Zipline when new trees grow, peach blossoms, and nature had herself prepared a colorful welcome for visitors. There are beautiful restaurants in a beautiful location where we can relax, have tea, coffee or breakfast as we need.

Dhulikhel Zipline Resort Booking Price

Cost of Zipline

The cost of a zipline flight ticket is NPR 2500 for classic style and NPR 3500 for superman style. With professionals on board, this Zipline is completely safe and we will get tutorials along with protective gear. It is better to make pre-booking before 48hours through online booking through registered companies.


  1. Days comprehensive package trek to Dhulikhel zipline
  2. Visit the beautiful Thrangu Tashi Monastery
  3. The base station of Zipline at thakle one of the evergreen village of Dhulikhel
  4. Enjoy the beautiful views of the forests, animals, birds and flowers
  5. Travel through beautiful visiting sites like kali temple, boudha stupa, and Namobuddha monastery

Dhulikhel Zipline Booking Cost/Price

Type of Zipline Nepali Citizens Price Price for SAARC Price for Foreigners
Classic Zipline NRs. 2500/- USD $30/- USD $35/-
Superman Zipline NRs. 3500/- USD $40/- USD $45/-
Couple Zipline NRs. 4500/- USD $50/- USD $60/-

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