Rara Lake Tour

Rara Lake Tour is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy and celebrate the vacation. It is a dream place for nature lovers who are seeking unique and mesmerizing beauty. It lies in Rara National Park in the Mugu district. Rara National Park is the smallest park of Nepal known as a unique and scenic park. Rara lake is the largest Lake in Nepal at 2990 meters and spreads over 10.8 sq km. It is commonly known as the Queen of Lakes.

The water of a Lake is crystal clear, and it gives a mirror effect. While boating in a Lake, you can see pictures of the hills and screens as if it is a mirror. It is also said that this Lake is the source of the meaning of life. As you reach a higher altitude, the coldness and purity make you realize you’re breathing. When you look deeper into the Lake water, three endemic fish species playing there make us feel that the meaning of life is to rejoice and stand up. 

Rara tour is a wonderful and lovely trekking destination that offers a few of the significant breathtaking sights you’ll ever imagine. Rara lake’s journey isn’t a troublesome one, and not a really long one either, but an immensely satisfying one that will grant you recollections to cherish for a lifetime. 

When you walk through rich green woodlands, contribute your energy to get to the best of the valley, cross-field lands, and socially wealthy villages, you’ll encounter the authentic way of life of nearby inhabitants by and by with the most extreme simplicity.

Best season for Rara Lake Trek

The finest and best time to visit Rara is during March, April, and May. Visitors get to appreciate the journey with blooming rhododendron trees. And during the autumn season, the climate is fine with crystal clear incredible scenes and neighboring Himalayan views. June to August is a hard time to travel to Rara. Due to heavy snow, January and December are difficult to travel. 

rara lake

Flora and Fauna of Rara Lake 

Rara tour is an elite opportunity for visitors to witness the astounding magnificence of nature. The reverberating sound of the waves makes the environment more charming, curious, and pleasant. Distinctive wild bloom, vegetation, and other characteristic species shine in her beauty. 

 More than 500 diverse blossoms and herbs are found in this park. Like; Rhododendron, the national blossom, Dark Juniper, Oak, West Himalayan Spruce, and Himalayan Cypress. It is guarded by thunderous mountains and has a wealth of secrets hidden inside it.

 Rara comes inside the catchment range of the Karnali Waterway, one of the three fundamental stream systems of Nepal. The environment underpins creatures like the ruddy panda, dark bear, yellow-throated martin, ghoral, serow, and musk deer. There have too been detailed sightings of panther and wolf. The Lake draws in migrant wildfowl like teals, pochards, and mallards. Inhabitant feathered creatures incorporate the Impeyan, kalij and blood pheasant, and others just like the chukar partridge. 

Highlights of Rara lake Tour 

  •  Rara Lake tour is once in a lifetime experience 
  • Camping and aesthetic view at the clear night skies filled with stars
  • The authentic taste of Nepalese food and dishes
  • Hiking through profound woodland and lovely views of slopes and local villages
  • Wide, deepest blue colored Rara lake and beautiful exercises of water ducks
  • Breathtaking views and scenery of lakes with varieties of birds, plants, and animals
  • Boating and Horse riding experience 

Itinerary of Rara Lake 

Day 01: Kathmandu to Rara

The first day of the tour begins from around 6 am in morning from Kathmandu to Rara. 

Day 2: Full day exploring the Lake

This is the day to explore the Lake. Boating is an excellent idea to explore the Lake. It costs 500 per person for sightseeing by boat. During the daytime, you’ll be able to hike up to the hill, where you’ll be able to see the best view of the Lake. Hiking to the Murma top is an excellent experience to view Rara Lake, the Mountains, and the surrounding hills of far western Nepal. On your way back, visit Murma village, a typical local village near the Lake. 

Day 3: Rara to Kathmandu

The day starts with a delicate breakfast at Rara. Then enjoy the scenic natural beauty on the way to Kathmandu. 


Package Include 

  •  Breakfast, Lunch,  and dinner
  •  Accommodation in the tour 
  •  Both way flight tickets Kathmandu to Talcha to Kathmandu
  •  Boating 30 minutes 
  • Local Guide ( basis of group size)

Package Excludes

  • Insurance 
  • Personal Expenses 
  • Extra beverage and porter cost 
  • Horse Riding 
  • Tickets fare and jeep fare

Rara Lake Tour Package Price for Nepali

Package Price
2 night 3 days Package for Nepali (transportation by flight) NRs. 35,000/-

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